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Character Master classes and Character Dance Summer Intensive program



Character Dance Master classes with Larisa Calero


Recently adding  Artistic Director for Character Dance Summer program at Joffrey ballet school NYC to her other accomplishments , Larisa is going on tour with her  Character Master classes all around US and abroad.

 Character Master class is for the students 12-25 years old with at least 2 years of ballet training. Students will learn Character ( international dance) technique , Character repertoire from classical ballets ( such as Sequidilla from Don Quixote, Russian from Swan lake , Drum dance from La Bayadera etc) and pieces from Larisa' s own critically acclaimed  choreography.

 Class begins with learning basic steps of particular nationality. As the class progresses , new steps grow into combinations. At the end of the Master class students will get to perform the complete piece of choreography.

 Character Master class is designed to provide students an opportunity to broaden their knowledge of dance styles to become more competitive in the dance world. The students will learn how to deliver a story thru dance ,express passion, love, excitement and experience the joy of live performance as well as learn history of International dance and music.



    Character Dance Summer program at Joffrey ballet school NYC.

    ( International Dance in Classical ballets and beyond)


 Artistic Director Larisa Calero conceived this program as a tool to educate the students on International dance and the path it took from folk dancing to ballet stage.

 This diverse program includes Ballet, Point, Character,  Flamenco, Indian,  Irish , African , Character repertoire from classical ballets with character shoes and on point and new choreography by the world known choreographers.

 From African dance as a form of prayer, to Irish dance as a form of celebration, to Indian dance as a form of conversation, to Passion and relationships in Tango and Flamenco and to the international dances on point in classical ballets, students follow the path of dance thru the centuries.

 Larisa hand selected a fantastic faculty of teachers-choreographers from around the world.

 The culmination of the program is a proffessionaly produced stage performance.

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